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Entry #1

Deep Sleep Sequel

2012-12-11 10:34:48 by scriptwelder

I'm currently working on part two of my game Deep Sleep - the winner of 10th Casual Gameplay Design Competition.
Thank you all for your comments and criticism on the game. I've taken many things under consideration and I'll try to improve and avoid earlier mistakes.
Time will tell when the game is going to be ready, can't promise anything yet.
Here is a sneak peek - and follow me on Twitter for more updates :)

Deep Sleep Sequel


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2013-02-06 22:02:47

Please keep me updated thanks!


2013-02-06 22:02:30

YES!!!! I mean uhh....Good. I loved the first one man. The dark corridors and the graphics were a perfect combination.


2013-01-13 14:06:04

yes , very good , i love Deep Sleep 1


2012-12-11 11:27:02

Hey! You're alive!

I remember you from FGL :D