A small talk at the back of beyond

2013-03-08 08:21:37 by scriptwelder

My new game - A small talk at the back of beyond - is out of beta and up on Newgrounds!

It's a short, experimental text-based puzzle/adventure game. You basically play it by talking/typing, something like Facade or Don't Shit Your Pants.

While the official Beta is over, I will still add user submitted parser suggestions, so don't hate the game for not recognizing your statement - make a difference and add it to the game! :D

A small talk at the back of beyond


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2013-03-08 11:17:43


I loved it! I think it sets itself up for a nice prequel. There is also the possibility of the AI moving into the Escape Pod and not telling you. It's already lied to you once.


2013-03-08 11:43:21

Huh. I really like these atmospherical/literary games. I'l be sure to play this and drop you some words on it.


2013-03-08 15:39:07

i can't finish any of your games maybe i'm just bad at this, even without to see the ending of one of your games your just awesome


2013-03-08 22:19:23

A hard but fun game to play, it was a very interesting game took me a bit to get used to what to do. Very good though.


2013-03-08 22:37:14

I fucking loved it.


2013-03-08 22:39:17

Oh, and I also asked "Why is there a window.", that should be a question that the console should be able to answer. Anyway, great job on the game.


2013-03-09 07:43:49

I'm your 200th fan! Fantastic games!


2013-03-11 00:58:42

It was a great game man, and I would love to see another one like this. I liked the story part of it and really liked the AI's responses. For example I beat the game and decided to do it again and the AI tried to evade the questions like real person would. So it's great.


2013-03-11 00:59:56

And you'll have to forgive me for any grammar mistakes in my last comment. I type a little too fast sometimes.


2013-03-12 01:00:05

How are you adding user parses? Are you using an API to track all inputs or do we have to post them somewhere?

Great game by the way. I loved it.

scriptwelder responds:

Haha, that would be way too much data for me to handle :) I just get messages with suggestions from people, on NG, on my webpage etc.


2013-03-12 07:32:37

you can add more medals, like when you insult AI many times and log off or when you play chess, tell story or watch pics


2013-03-12 15:59:07

Oh, whoops. Didn't think to read here before I gave a review. Anyways, it was a good game, and I look forward to whatever could get added onto it. It coming out of beta makes more sense when it comes to how little the computer seems to recognize.

Just figured I'd tell ya good luck with this and future projects, and that I'll be watching. You actually nabbed my interest with this game, big time.


2013-03-13 01:32:38

Perhaps the AI can provide details on the fake war upon asking
Also, perhaps a series of actions could allow you to transfer the AI to the pod. The reward would be a medal worth the most amount of points.


2013-04-08 07:02:10

Here are some of the less common responses:
How did they die (after 'where are others')
I love/like you
You gay
Kill me
I will save you

(on a side note I tried typing "FASTER THAN LIGHT/FTL DRIVE" but nothing :C lol)