How about Don't Escape 3

2015-05-07 14:45:20 by scriptwelder

First we had a werewolf. Then zombies. What will Don't Escape 3 be about?


Here is a hint:



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2015-05-07 14:49:31

Dude. I love the don't escape games. Such a cool idea! Can't wait for the next!


2015-05-07 15:08:03

Interesting! How about an alien race set on destroying or enslaving the human race has a mothership in orbit around the earth, except there is a single misfit among their ranks: the player.

So you'll have to stop the alien invasion by using both alien technology and human items (maybe humans that they abducted, too?) to thwart their evil plans! For example, you manage to stop some of the invasion force, so that only 20% of the human populace gets enslaved. I think seeing it from the alien's point of view can be quite refreshing in terms of the overall theme of the game, as well as game progression! Can't wait to see what you've planned man!

Me and the rest of NG will be waiting!


2015-05-07 15:09:01

Hahahahah, screw aliens, just have a game where you lock up tsukalos XD


2015-05-07 16:13:13

wow good ideea next dont escape will be about wierd asians pretending to grab some booty <3 the idee cant wait to play it xD


2015-05-07 17:10:28

Aliens? The dude looks like a Centauri from the old Babylon 5 series...
And yeah, I'd like another Don't Escape!


2015-05-07 17:13:17

Don't escape 3 would be good.
As a guy that I like your games, may I suggest one? How about "Broken Mind"? A game where you are a person with schizophrenia? Running from the police for killing someone, but don't realize that person has schizophrenia or killed anyone??
One man's dream.


2015-05-07 18:17:16



2015-05-07 19:11:44

You weren't wearing a tin foil hat, allowing 10 aliens to read your mind.


2015-05-08 23:40:30

I think it's going to be vampires.


2015-05-08 23:42:07

So it's a game about Giorgio A. Tsoukalos?

Heh,just kidding.I would definitely love another Don't Escape!


2015-05-09 05:24:04



2015-05-09 15:57:20

you mean Ghost or paranormal something?


2015-05-10 13:33:04

please let us play as aliens and stop our galaxy from destroying other planets and please if you can please don't make it short if you can
Huge fan love your work looking forward to it
All the best


2015-05-11 17:04:37

Asians? Yes they are evil


2015-05-13 10:56:33

About black people from deep sleep!


2015-05-23 17:53:26

I guess Don´t Escape 3 is going to be about Rick Harrison and his pawnshop. Am I right?


2015-05-26 22:19:20

Hey scriptwelder, i have seen you round the place. Armor games, twitter, this, practically everything! you are famous I say myself. I have played many of your games. As of now that's my thoughts are currently spilling i have come up with an idea. Basically the first and second don't escape, are about fictional this. In mind i have an idea for the new game. Its should be something with a flood or tornado. Thanks for you're time!


2015-05-27 03:18:26

I was wondering if you plan on ever making a sequel to A Small Talk? After all this time, it still haunts me. Regardless, your Don't Escape series is HUGELY entertaining, and I look forward to it with great eagerness.


2015-06-03 18:57:33

i dont get it


2015-06-06 08:22:31

I think i would want to to be a game about natural disaster, because i like your art and design , or an atomic bomb would be nice. the rest of the plot is up to you!


2015-06-07 11:37:35

Defending your house against ISIS troops?


2015-06-19 09:21:32

werewolf. Then zombies... Nazis?


2015-06-20 14:27:45

i cant wait ! keep up the amazing work


2015-06-20 21:27:45

will be a 3rd part of don't escape?... ALIENS