Don't Escape 3 is here!

2015-07-31 09:47:24 by scriptwelder

Don't Escape 3 is here!

Play it, rate it, share it!

And as always - have fun :)


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2015-07-31 11:15:02

I'll play you my friend, you bet.


2015-07-31 11:50:31

Your Don't Escape series has really renewed my interest in producing another point-and-click type of adventure : )


2015-07-31 14:29:41



2015-07-31 14:57:19

Ah, so great as always! Perfect amount of horror, difficulty and suspense :3
And of course an awesome story line.


2015-08-01 11:26:32

Love the work you do and the style of your games. Another great one, nicely done!


2015-08-01 16:30:25

You really are a giant.

You understand a lot of things most devs don't.

5/5 Rating on 7/7 games. (sleep series, escape series, and 400 years)

I don't give 5/5 lightly. I assess a lot of factors and play through at least a couple times before giving a score.


2015-08-01 16:30:27

Oh hell yeah! Doing a Let's Play right away!


2015-08-02 18:44:31

When I thought you couldn't raise the bar on your games any further.. you went ahead and did it anyway.


2015-08-06 10:44:44

You are a magician. Sublime science-fiction story right there! Thank you for existing!


2015-08-06 19:16:26

Naprawdę jesteś polakiem?

scriptwelder responds:

serio serio :)


2015-08-06 20:14:18

great game, and very scary!

nice work... as always!

plzz do more games like this


2015-08-07 10:33:18

scriptwlder you are a master for me, i are developing a game with a partner it´s inspirated like yours
i hope than you can play it in a future

scriptwelder responds:

Sure, just drop me a link when it's done :)


2015-08-22 06:18:11

I love your games Scriptwelder. Keep up the good work.

Are you sure you don't want to put your games up on Steam? If you put your games up on Steam, I am going to be all like TAKE MY MONEY! NOW!


2015-10-06 01:16:56

I need more games like this!!
Lol, scriptwelder you are really good at coming up with short games with good, creative and twisting stories. I like the zombie don't escape the most out of the rest. XD