New game - Excavate!

2015-09-01 14:14:40 by scriptwelder


The University wants you to go to the town of Nowe Monasterzysko and lead the excavations in the area of an old cemetery. You'll have a 14 days permit so make a good use of that time - locate as many ruins and catalogue as many finds as possible.

Inspect, dig, excavate! Find hidden ruins, clear and identify your finds, buy upgrades and manage your excavations!

Have fun!


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2015-09-01 14:24:07

right now I'm kinda tired but I'll try it once I get on my own two feet, hope its amazing or better as your other games like don't escape!


2015-09-01 18:43:13

Niiicee! I'll give it a try on Friday. Rightnow I have to much homework.



2015-09-01 18:44:07

In lieu of a proper review, which would take too much time, let me just say that is one heck of a good game. Script, you really are pumping out game after game that are interesting, different, fun and addictive, huge kudos for your current streak! ^_^


2015-09-02 13:24:13

scriptwelder games are usually worth a try.


2015-09-04 06:34:21

Robisz dobre gry. Rozumiem, że to był jakiś projekt promujący jakiś kierunek na uczelni. Nie planujecie rozbudować tego o kilka plansz? Moglibyście to nawet spieniężyć.


2015-09-11 22:49:24

Keep up the good work... Y así podrás vas a poder salir mas allá de esta basura del Internet.


2015-09-12 17:50:00

Glad to see more of your work havent been on ng in a while :P


2015-10-04 18:13:00

Well, I never said that the streak was a recent one, @josefelipejh.



2016-01-23 17:49:27

Nice, creative, fun game :)


2016-01-28 07:29:38

Good job d00ds


2016-05-26 20:31:20

Scriptwelder can you make don't escape 4


2016-06-30 21:53:09

Does anyone have any hints for this amazing game? I can't seem to get any medals besides the first one. It's very relaxing to play.