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The game is coming soon to Armor Games - and shortly after here to Newgrounds! 

The Deepest Sleep is nominated for Armor Games Game of the Year in Adventure category!

Please support me and vote for my game - go here and vote for The Deepest Sleep in Adventure category. Thanks!


New screenshot

2014-12-16 09:29:00 by scriptwelder

What he said.

More updates - soon.


An awesome video (review?) about Deep Sleep and Deeper Sleep, watch it ! Warning 1: The Deep Sleep part starts at about 2:20 Warning 2: It's in French but has English subtitles.




The Deepest Sleep is here

2014-08-01 06:36:46 by scriptwelder

Hello Newgrounds!

The Deepest Sleep, the final part of Deep Sleep trilogy, has finally arrived - here on Newgrounds! 


Click here to play!


Deep Sleep 3 TRAILER

2014-06-25 17:42:47 by scriptwelder

You might be interested in seeing this... :D



Please help me test my games!

2014-03-30 20:56:29 by scriptwelder

Mochimedia, the provider of ads in my games has recently closed their business. I had to implement new ads (which give me money to keep going) and re-upload my games, so basically each of them got an update. 
I have also implemented some changes in some of the titles.

For example:
- long awaited torch upgrade was added to Primal Sands
- full screen option was added to Deep Sleep

If you want to help me, please can you test my games to see if everything works fine?



EDIT: To clarify, the games are already online, check them from my newgrounds page (everything 2012+)

New Deep Sleep game footage ! [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

2014-02-22 11:28:06 by scriptwelder

Interested in 3rd Deep Sleep game?

Here, have a sneak peak!

New flashlight/lightening system test




What's that in the darkness..?  




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At the final depth...

2014-02-05 09:17:15 by scriptwelder

For anyone not following my Twitter, here's a little something for you:



Deeper Sleep is in Addictinggames competition, round 2...
Please help with your votes!